Pre-basic seed potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) production using temporary immersion bioreactors L. Tapia, C. Arbizu, F. Beraún, Lorenzo J., M. Escalona


Potato is an important food and cash crop in Perú. Its production is limited due to seed quality, and other biotic and abiotic factors. Here we explore a new alternative for potato pre-basic seed production named temporary immersion bioreactor (TIB). Potato microtubers production using TIB comprises two phases: multiplication and microtuberization. During the multiplication phase, we used 50 segments of four nodes from a semi-solid medium with an immersion and frequency time of five minutes and three hours, respectively. In addition, a photoperiod of 16 hours of light and eight hours of darkness during 28 days were employed. For the microtuberization phase and under darkness conditions during 60 days, we used 80 g/l of sucrose and 30 ml/explant as a volume for the medium. Then, it was possible to obtain five, six, and 2.5 microtubers per explant of potato varieties “Canchan INIA”, “Capiro”, and “Papa 3”, respectively.

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Microtubers, temporary immersion bioreactor, pre-basic seed, microtuberization.

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