Vol. 1, núm. 1 (2017)

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Recovering degraded lands in the Peruvian Amazon by cover crops and sustainable agroforestry systems PDF (English)
J. Alegre, C. Lao, C. Silva, E. Schrevens 1-7
Sustainability of cacao farms in the district of Huicungo (San Martín, Perú) with the “rapid agroecological method” PDF (English)
O. Tuesta, M. Santistevan, R. Borjas, V. Castro, A. Julca 8-13
Development of advanced mutant lines of barley with higher mineral concentrations through radiation-induced mutagenesis in Perú PDF (English)
L. Gomez, G. Aldaba, M. Ibañez, E. Aguilar 14-20
Ethno-Botany and in-situ conservation of the genetic diversity of arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza Bancroft), yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolious H.Robinson), and wild relatives PDF (English)
S. Ignacio, F. Camarena, J. Baudoin, R. Blas 21-31
Germination behavior of Jatropha curcas L. after different imbibition times PDF (English)
F. Lozano, P. Miranda, M. Pompelli 32-38