Assessment of biodiversity laws and policies in protected areas: case study of Cross River National Park, Kainji Lake National Park, and Old Oyo National Park, Nigeria

G. A. Lameed, M. G. Olujide


This study assessed the biodiversity laws and policies in Protected Areas, using Cross River Na- tional Park, Kainji Lake National Park and Old Oyo National in Nigeria as case study. The problems emanating from such policies and legislation were identified and integrated approach in the conservation of the nation’s biodiversity was investigated. The results revealed that the present law (Decree 46 of 1999) operating to conserve wildlife resources in the Protected Areas is weak and endangered species Decree of 1985 have limited ope- rational coverage. The rate of arrest and aggregate of fine in Kainji Lake National Park (KLNP) increased from 172 people arrested in 1991 to 229 people in 2001, with aggregate increase in fine from N31,800 to N1.5million. In Old Oyo National Park (OONP) there was no record of arrest in 1991 until the year 1998 when the rate of arrest increased to peak (65 people) with ag- gregate fine of N74,300. Cross River National Park (CRNP) also witnessed no rate of arrest until 1994 when 3 offenders were first recorded. The implementation of the decree in area of appre- hension of offenders is totally weak in CRNP. The response of local people towards government policies in CRNP was poor in all the highlighted conditions except for tourism possibilities and International Organization assistance. While in other two National Parks (KLNP and OONP), the respondents supported conditions and policies implementation. In general, the people response towards government policies in all the study areas was significant (P<0,01). It was concluded that the protection staff should be more enhanced and various facilities needed should be considered for their live insurance. Encouragement should be given to community participation, traditional practices, customs, and taboos that are in consonance with the ethics of conservation.

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