Peruvian Journal of Agronomy

Peruvian Journal of Agronomy (PJA) is the international journal of the Agronomy Faculty at the National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM in Spanish). This journal publishes peer-reviewed, innovative research articles in the following areas of agricultural sciences: entomology, plant pathology, plant breeding, horticulture, and soil science. The journal publishes only articles in English.

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Vol. 1, núm. 1 (2017)

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Recovering degraded lands in the Peruvian Amazon by cover crops and sustainable agroforestry systems PDF (English)
J. Alegre, C. Lao, C. Silva, E. Schrevens 1-7
Sustainability of cacao farms in the district of Huicungo (San Martín, Perú) with the “rapid agroecological method” PDF (English)
O. Tuesta, M. Santistevan, R. Borjas, V. Castro, A. Julca 8-13
Development of advanced mutant lines of barley with higher mineral concentrations through radiation-induced mutagenesis in Perú PDF (English)
L. Gomez, G. Aldaba, M. Ibañez, E. Aguilar 14-20
Ethno-Botany and in-situ conservation of the genetic diversity of arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza Bancroft), yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolious H.Robinson), and wild relatives PDF (English)
S. Ignacio, F. Camarena, J. Baudoin, R. Blas 21-31
Germination behavior of Jatropha curcas L. after different imbibition times PDF (English)
F. Lozano, P. Miranda, M. Pompelli 32-38