Publication Ethics

Our journal is committed to the fulfillment of good ethical practices in the handling of manuscripts, involving editors, reviewers, and authors, with emphasis on:
- The conditions that manuscripts must fulfill in relation to research ethics and their communication; In this regard, the research that gives origin to the work must have been carried out in an ethical and responsible manner and must comply with all pertinent legislation; that is, if necessary, it must have been reviewed by an ethics or bioethics committee, comply with legal regulations in the case of collections, permission to enter reserved areas, etc.

Authors should present the results of their research clearly, and honestly, without fabrication, falsification, or inadequate manipulation of data. Authors should strive to describe the methods used in the research in a clear and unambiguous manner so that others can confirm their findings, i.e. the works should have the necessary information so that they can be repeatable, reproducible, and traceable. The work submitted for publication must be original, not plagiarized. Funding sources and relevant conflicts of interest must be reported.

- The journal's policies regarding the identification and management of misconduct and the acceptance of complaints of misconduct.

Editors, reviewers, and authors must strictly follow the rules of publication ethics that our journal adopts. Falsification, the invention of data, plagiarism, duplicate publication, lack of due citation, and misappropriation of work, among others, are unacceptable practices. Cases of ethical misconduct will be treated very seriously.

Our journal adopts:

- the "SciELO Guide of Good Practices for the Strengthening of Ethics in Research Publication"


- the "Principles of Transparency and Good Practices in Academic Publications" recommended by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE),


- the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ),


- and the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA)


- Also: Responsible research publication: international standards for authors [Kleinert S & Wager E (2011). Chapter 51 In Mayer T. & Steneck N. (Eds.), Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment. Imperial College Press / World Scientific Publishing, Singapore (pp 317-28)

In case of retractation: COPE's Retraction guidelines