Open science policy

Availability of data from the paper
All data that are a source of information for the findings described, e.g. values behind means, standard deviations, values used to construct graphs, etc., should be included in the article either as tables or as annexes, or be accessible in open access. For the latter, the characteristic is that the data must be deposited in a reliable public open-access repository (e.g. GenBank for sequences and PDB for structures), generalist repositories that accept multiple types of data in appropriate formats, or institutional repositories, that provide persistent identifiers (DOI), and the data have open access usage licenses (such as CC BY).

Preprint publication
Our journal also accepts preprints, these are research manuscripts published before formal peer review into appropriate servers or repositories, these must be open access, must assign a persistent indicator (e.g. DOI) to the manuscript, must allow the collection of versions, and the interaction with scientists to collect their comments and add them to the different versions. Examples of preprint repositories are SciELO Preprint (, Zenodo (, and bioRxiv ( Authors who choose this modality should inform the details of the preprint publication, indicating the name of the server, the license, and the DOI, when submitting the manuscript to our journal. If the manuscript is published in the journal, it is the author's responsibility to ensure that the preprint record is updated with the publication reference, including the DOI of the published version of the article in our journal. The article published in the Journal will indicate the existence of the preprint and its permanent indicator (e.g., DOI).