Peer review process

Peer review process
Articles submitted to the PERUVIAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY are subject to a peer review process:

(1) Receipt of papers. The authors of the articles can suggest 2 to 3 reviewers when sending the cover letter, the Editorial Team reserves the right to choose the reviewers.
(2) Papers submitted to the REVISTA PERUANA DE AGRONOMÍA are first evaluated by the Editorial Team who will review them for compliance with the journal's guidelines. The manuscript is reviewed with an anti-plagiarism software, papers with more than 10% of similarities in texts, including recycled texts (self-plagiarism) will be rejected. Papers that do not meet the requirements of the Guidelines for Authors will not be accepted. This process takes approximately two to three weeks.

(3) Peer review: The responsible Editor reviews the manuscript, may suggest changes, corrections or reject the manuscript if it is not within the purposes of the journal or if it has significant and visible errors. The responsible Editor will request the evaluation of the manuscript to external anonymous reviewers, usually two (double blind peer review). The reviewers will be selected for their knowledge of the subject matter of the paper to be evaluated, no conflicts of interest, and recognition in their field. The reviewer is asked to evaluate the work according to international standards and quality criteria for publication. This process has a very variable duration, usually between 2 to 3 months. The selected reviewers do not receive remuneration.

(4) Reviewers make suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the article on the "review form". The responsible editor summarizes the evaluation and notifies the corresponding author about the decision on the manuscript. In the case of suggestions and corrections, the author has 20 to 30 days to resolve and submit them. Corrections may be explicit in the manuscript or sent in a separate file.

(5) Acceptance and e-proof version. The paper has the status of ACCEPTED when it has passed the review process and the author has made all the corrections and modifications indicated. The accepted work is sent for style and e-proof correction. The e-proof version will be sent to the author to be reviewed and returned with the author's agreement and permission for publication.

(6) The final decision of acceptance or denial of the article is made by the editor of the journal, in the worst case, the article is rejected and is communicated to the authors, attaching a report with the reasons for the rejection.

Guidelines for the review