Allometric models for non-destructive leaf area estimation in Eugenia uniflora (L.)

M. F. Pommpelli, J. M. Figueirôa, F. Lozano-Isla


We aimed to propose a reliable and accurate model using non-destructive measurements of leaf length (L) and/or width (W) for estimating leaf area (LA) of Surinam cherry (Eugenia uniflora L.). For model construction, 560 leaves were randomly sampled from different levels of the tree canopies and encompassed the full spectrum of measurable leaf sizes. Power models better fit E. uniflora leaf area than linear models; but, among of then, the best fit were made when product of the L and W (LW) were used. To validate these models, independent data set of 156 leaves were used. Thus, we developed a single power model (Yi = β0 xβ1) [LA = 0.685 (LW)0.989; standard errors: β0 = 0.014, β1 = 0.005; R2 a = 0.997] with high precision and accuracy, random dispersal pattern of residuals and unbiased. A simpler linear model [LA = 0.094 + (LW * 0.655); standard errors: β0 = 0.025, β 1 = 0.001; R2 a = 0.998] also described here to estimate leaf area of E. uniflora, which are as good as the first. The simplicity of the latter model may be relevant in field studies, as it does not demand high precision or expensive instruments.

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