Vol. 3, núm. 3 (2019)

September to December

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Effect of the applications of a biological formulation (Azotobacter salinestris, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Rhizophagus intraradices) on the yield of Allium cepa ‘Century’ PDF
E. Mamani, M. Acosta, M. Gonzales 81-90
Characterisation of avocado and asparagus farms in the Chavimochic irrigation project in La Libertad, Peru PDF (English)
W. Apaza, P. Quiroz, A. Julca-Otiniano 91-103
Fertilisation Methods for Commercial Yield in Three Garlic Cultivars (Allium sativum L.) PDF (English)
J. Condor, J. Olivera, R. Pinedo 104-111
Genetic variation of maiden lily (Lilium rubellum Baker) within and among three natural populations in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan PDF (English)
M. Castro, T. Nishikawa 112-119
Physiological and Agronomic Characterisation of Six Cassava Clones (Manihot esculenta Crantz) PDF (English)
A. Eguiluz, R. Pinedo, C. Figueroa 120-125
Peruvian Botanical Biopesticides for Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment PDF (English)
J. Bracho-Pérez, I. Tacza-Valverde, J. Vásquez-Castro 126-133
Floristic Composition and Diversity in Plots of Early Post-Agricultural Succession in Four Agroecosystems in the District of Cajatambo, Lima PDF (English)
V. Castro-Cepero 134-143
First report of Enterobacter cloacae as a causative agent of soft rot disease in dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) stems in Peru PDF (English)
J. Soto, C. Cadenas, L. Mattos, C. Trigoso 144–152